Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?

You are given or are supposed to be given a phone in your inventory when you first join. Right click with it in your hand to open it. You will be met with a few apps like warps, music, kits, and etc. Left-click on any of them to activate a function or warp to a location listed.

Now how do you actually PLAY in the server? It is a role-play server, so you can pick up some costumes the server provides and hang out with other players in all the maps and buildings we have. There is no limit or defined way to play here, so don't let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do. Just make sure you abide by the server's rules though.

Can I become a staff member?

The thing is, we don't just hire people who simply ask for it. We usually accept players who are well known and trusted to have a chance at applying. Also, it depends if we need any more staff members. Those who are hired go through a brief training program to get them settled in to his or her new job. Said program is usually just another staff member teaching a trainee the ropes.

How to I get a VIP rank?

We have plans available @
Depending on how big each rank it and/or how long each will be applied, prices may vary. Please note that VIP plans are only refundable within 48 hours after purchase. So if you have any second thoughts about buying one, weather because it was a mistake or you lost interest, be sure to make up your mind before purchase, or within 2 days after your purchase.

How do I accept the rules (in-game prompt I got on first join)?

You should see an accept button (at the bottom of the prompt) that you must click on. If you cannot see this button or are unable identify it, ask a staff member for help. They may ask if you agree to the rules before pressing the accept button for you.