Webstore Re-Opened - Testing New Payment Gateway - Low On Funds Again

Our webstore is finally re-opened. But we need to test a new payment gateway we found called Stripe. Supposedly, it is like our original gateway (PayPal), but better. But we have no way of knowing until we see it in action. IF Stripe fails to work properly, we'll have to shut the store down again while we search for another website. Rest assure that if that does happen, we'll refund everyone we can. Also in other news, we're low on funds again. I know I know it sucks, but we had no means of receiving money until now. So nobody could help us until we fixed our gateway issues. But since they're probably fix, we ask that you all chip in some funds to help us stay open. If you cant, spread the word about our predicament. Any help we can get will be greatly appreciated.


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