Player Rules/Regulations:

  1. No hacking. We take hacks and cheats seriously on this server and, if caught, you will be punished. Basic cheats can lead to warning accumulation. Hack attacks like DDoS, Bot-Raids, and etc. will lead to a permanent ban from the server with zero chance for appeal.

  2. No swearing. Our server is meant to provide a nice friendly environment for players of all ages. If you are caught swearing, you will receive a warning. Constant swearing can lead to a ban from the server. (Do not try to bypass swearing by censoring it, as, it will result in a warning)

  3. No bullying/harassment. As stated in rule 2, our server is meant to be friendly to all players. That means we have no room for bullying or harassment. If you are caught doing either to anyone, you will receive warnings. If you are caught doing serious levels of cyberbullying(ex. Suicide encouragement, shaming, etc.) you may be permanently banned from the server.

  4. No offensive/graphics skins. Anybody caught entering the server wearing a graphic skin(ex. Nude, sexual, ect.) will be given warnings until your skin is changed. If needed, you will be sent to the server jail to isolate you from the rest of the server to prevent offending our visitors.

  5. Do not impersonate server staff. Although you may not have staff/admin powers or permissions, we do not want players impersonating us or telling others they’re admins. If caught, you will be warned.

  6. No advertisement. (IP address or web URL sharing) Obviously we can’t afford people using our server as an advertisement hub. It could divert our server’s popularity to others. If caught, you could be warned and/or muted until further notice.

  7. Report any issues to server staff. Although there isn’t any major consequences for not telling us about minor issues, we need help tracking issues around our server. However, if you see any major issues, then reporting it is mandatory.

  8. Do not spam the chat. This includes character spam, and counting from a number to another in rapid succession.

  9. Do not swear outside party chats. This is the only exception to rule 2. You can still be warned and/or banned for swearing in global chat.

  10. Staff decisions are final. If you receive a punishment you do not like, you may contact the Head Administrator. (Pbotslayer1)

  11. God Modding is forbidden in roleplay. Things like: Dodging every attack, being the strongest being on Earth, killing in one swipe.

  12. If you join a party with a PASSWORD then you may do this, but not in public chat or joinable parties.


Staff Rules/Regulations:

  1. Do not attempt to take full power over the server. The owner is the supreme commander over all staff in the server. This even includes administrators. All server decisions must be approved by and can be overridden by the owner.

  2. Do not abuse your power. As a staff member, you are granted special permissions normal players do not have. If you are caught abusing your power, you will be fired.

  3. Do not harass/bully other players. If you are caught bullying or harassing players, you can be fired. (Reason in Rule 5)

  4. Cooperate with any orders you receive. You must comply with any orders you receive from a staff member with higher authority over you. Refusal to follow orders can lead to a recommendation for employment termination.

  5. Be a good example to other players to follow the rules. Although you’re in a higher ranking position compared to normal players, that doesn’t mean you are exempt from standard server rules. Frankly, punishments are more severe for staff members. As a staff member you are expected to be more upstanding than the average player. Any less, then you’re employment can be terminated.